Citizenship Interview - A Simple Way to Pass It

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The subject of this article on citizenship interview is not to address an audience from the United States of America but from Canada. Basically, an interview is required only when you failed the Canadian citizenship test. Citizenship Canada requires you to appear before a judge who would test your knowledge of all aspects of Canada.

If you are at this stage then it is advisable that you go back to the drawing board and master all the questions and answers in the booklet because unlike the written test where you check off all the answers on a sheet and given a specific time to complete, going before a judge is totally a different experience. It is like an interview where you would have to pull the answers off your memory in response to the questions you are being asked.

Fear not. There is a simple method to practice for this. Get a copy of a written quiz available online, make sure you authenticate the contents as it should match the questions and details in the booklet 'a look at Canada" and asked a family member to pretend being a judge. Creating this drama works like magic. By doing this you are creating a citizenship interview scenario where the relative acts as the judge.

Let him or her ask you all the questions until you know all the answers and more important feel comfortable to a point where you should not be afraid of facing the judge in the real interview. Consider this a last chance to be a citizenship and work hard to be successful. This will feel a lot more rewarding when you pass in front of a judge.

Remember to make this work get your hand on a written quiz and with a family member create the actual drama of the citizenship interview and surely you will be on your way to become a Canadian citizen of this country.

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Citizenship Interview - A Simple Way to Pass It

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This article was published on 2010/03/29